Loveworks and The Merstham Mix Cafe


Loveworks has been working in the local community for the last 10 years with the aim of harnessing the community in helping those who need it. We are working to make a difference in three areas of need: Food Poverty, Social Isolation and building resilience.

Our vision has always been that Loveworks will be the heart of our community with one of our founders dreams being to have a café which could be the hub for our projects and volunteers.  Now ten years later we have realised this dream, through the partnership with MCFT and the launch of the Merstham Mix Community Café.

Loveworks runs a food bank twice a week from the Merstham Hub providing short term emergency food for individuals and families in need. The partnership with the Merstham Mix means that food bank voucher holders can also have a free hot ‘daily special’ meal at the café and we can offer donated food to the café that cannot be used in the food banks.

Loveworks are passionate about the Merstham Mix crowdfunding campaign which will not only enable longer opening hours, so the café will be open alongside the food banks, but allow us to start supporting families in getting out of food poverty by offering cookery training and education.

Food banks are the ‘sticking plasters’ of food poverty but the opportunities for Loveworks working with the Merstham Mix will allow us to tackle food poverty at the grass roots by providing something timely and relevant to local people who are struggling with life in order to make them feel valued and special at a time when they, for good reason, are feeling just the reverse.


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