Merstham School Support

Since opening in 2017 the Merstham Mix has worked with local organisations to provide support for children accessing free school meals during the school holidays. In 2022 we are more aware than ever that in a post-covid world with the cost of living crisis effecting the most vulnerable people in our communities, the need for help is greater than ever. Last summer our amazing friend, volunteer, and local resident – Adrian Harrow – helped us raise £4,000 so that we could offer free meals to children throughout the summer. This year we hope to do the same.

Our goal is to raise enough money that we can give away up to 50 meals a week – but we need your help.

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How it works

The Cafe will provide a number of touch points over the summer. We will make and distribute 50 meals each week working with local front line service providers to ensure that the meals reach those that need them most. We will offer the meals on regular days each week, either to eat in the cafe or to take home which will cover the 6 week summer holiday period. We are also hoping to raise enough to run a pizza making class for kids every Friday – to provide an engaging activity, teach children some valuable cooking skills and also offer another chance to share a meal at the cafe.

Over the course of the year there are 13 weeks where children are left without the support they receive in schools – so we are asking for either a one of donation to this project or to sign up on a regular basis so that we can offer these meals at half terms, Christmas and Easter too. We will report back on this project page in September the number we manage to reach. Thank you for supporting the Merstham Mix Cafe and the community we serve.

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