Crowdfunding Hall of Fame

Between the 23rd of February and the 29th of March, we ran a crowdfunding campaign to extend our opening hours and start cookery courses.

We raised a total of £20,217 – £10,217 from the crowd and £10,000 from the Santander Changemaker fund. If you’re curious to learn more about the campaign or perhaps see the video, you can visit our crowdfunder page.


Here’s a list of all of the amazing people that helped us achieve such a feat! Thank you once again!!

Paul Collier
John Burns
James Hirst
MaryClare Salmon
Humperdink Kinkadonk
Julie Rooke
David Fisher
Andy Carter
Georgina Langridge
Nigel Clifford
Robin Phillips
Ruth Harcus
Kate & Paul Curtis
Isabel Wootton
Morgan Arnell
Adrian James
Amy Deas
Margaret Cox
Moyra Gardener
Jordi Tarrida
Janet Jenkins
Gill Buchanan
Brian Mitchell
Angela Potter
Victoria Fernandez Salom
Valentí Acconcia
Karen Neil
Claire Kinsella
Darren Riches
Nicholas Duff
Darren Cassidy
Lesley Soden
Russell Greenwood
Amanda Sharples
Alison Hopkins
Fiona Jennings
Lorraine Quinlan
Ellen Clifford
Sarah and Michael O’Neill
Nathan Fell
Jana Todd
Jonty white
G Beazley
Annabel Francis
Robert Siddall
Suzanna Richards
Gary Derwent
Ann Jaramillo
Andrew and Candida Cruickshank
Carolyn Patrick
Gillian Forrest
Louisa Bagshaw
Zahra Dhaimish
Robert Pye
Ali Bond
Elizabeth Darkens
Elaine Crooks
Amy Dickson
Ingrid Niang
Jen Plumridge
Emily Clarke
Steve Palmer
Genia Michalak
Claire Brown
Renée Canter
David Loft
Cath McDermott
Ryszard Michalowski
Barbara Barrett
Hannah Stoney
Emma Wilson
Chris Green
Libby Green
Jane MacGregor-White
Julian Ellacott
Ann Michael
Simon Pither
Gail Marshall-Jones
Tina Siobhan Cohen
Sarah Sproston
Yuki Solle
Lucy Adams
Paul Ryder
Suzanne and Will McKee
Jack Semple
Mary Kennedy
Charlotte Harris
Natalie Styles
Katarina Westley
Jennifer Sanderson
Maggie Kippen
Toby Brampton
Timothy James Chalk
Amy Gregory
Carol Squires
Lynda Venus
Claire Dawson
Antonia Harmer
Emma Ely-Johnston
Sue Trumper
Rev Len Abrams
Amy Collins
Marian Jane Goulder
Becks Nunn
Emily, Nick and Scarlet Smyth
Kerry Fisher
Andrea Chapman
Louise Evans
Alex Bonizzi
Francesca van Wyk
Anne Everson
Ruth Fraser
The Rushall Family
Di Stafford
Paula Hamilton
Kate Taylor
Becks Nunn
Rosie Goodenough
Jenny Spinks
Clair James
Lisa Tye
Robin Brooks
Karina D
Liz Braines




Also thanks to the following companies, organisations and individuals:

Our founding charities Loveworks and MCFT

Surrey County Council for trusting our little group with the management of the space

Winterbotham DarbyMerstham Baptist ChurchMerstham Parish (St Katharine’s Church)Redhill & Reigate Roundtable and Ascendit Lifts for their incredibly generous donations during the campaign.

David Fisher for the amazing campaign video

Jon S. Hart for the lovely music on the launch night

 Avocado Audiovisual Services for the equipment used during the launch night

The Vineking and Crumbs Brewing for lubricating the evening

The Salt Box for providing the catering on the night

New Music Nights, Reigate Dance Centre, Inside Out Health and Anna Rooke for providing some of the rewards

The Salt Box (again!), Loved and Enough, Big Friendly Grub, Your Health Stina, and The Dutch Foody for the amazing recipes in our recipe book

Amanda Evans Marketing for putting together the recipe book

And finally, our amazing team of directors, staff and volunteers!