We Need Your Help
We tried to stay open and serve the community as much as possible. We are now closed, due to the measures put in place by the government, which could place our community cafe into jeopardy. Our trade was heavily impacted before we closed, and we saw sales drop by almost 50% in the final few weeks and now we have no trade and various overheads to still pay.

While the government have offered funds which will help our situation, we’re uncertain on when such funds will become available. We’re keen to support our staff, community and those isolated by the virus but need your help in the immediate future.

Please donate with a single/monthly/quarterly donation to help keep our café open and operational, so we can continue to serve the community.

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The Merstham Mix Café
Our mission at The Merstham Mix Café is to create an environment where everyone who walks through the door feels welcome. The café provides a warm and welcoming space in the heart of the community for people to connect with others, access services and feel a sense of belonging. Our aims are to:

  • Serve the community with affordable meals
  • Help reduce food waste by utilising food donations and food surplus from suppliers
  • Create daily special dishes which are delicious and wholesome
  • Create an environment for visitors to relax
  • Provide staff and volunteers the opportunity to improve skills


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